About me

I am Andrei.

For my whole life I enjoyed and followed technology trends. Thus, I studied how software development works and luckily my professional career related to that.

As a product manager I always try to understand the product in terms of the problems it purports to solve, which allows for the identification of its functional essence and its separation from incidental, cosmetic, and insignificant characteristics. By understanding the problems product aims to solve, it becomes possible to elucidate what makes for a good solution.

I am also fascinated with how to grow businesses, cultures and most importantly people (including myself).

My passion is to work with talented, highly motivated people and to create products that have immediate customer and business impact.

My strategy is heavily based on fast delivery and rapid iterations. I believe that the best test is putting your product in the hand of your customers, to learn and adapt.

My core management principles are based on commitment, empowerment, pragmatism and leadership by example.

Professional background

I’m currently the Chief Product Officer at @BestJobs.eu, where I focus on helping people finding their dream job.

Previously, I was Product Manager at OLX Romania (part of Naspers), working on new product initiatives for the Cars and Real Estate verticals –  Autovit.ro and Storia.ro

Before that… eLearning developer at Eurocor, PM for 5 years at a Romanian startup (VVG)

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